Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Angry Birds Style Homemade Birthday Party Hats

King Pig Style Gold Crown Party Hat Template &
Girl Red Bird Style Yellow Bow Party Hat Template

CAT wants an Angry Bird birthday party this year. Being on a tight budget, I always start researching & planning months in advance. Today we made some test party hats. I created a simple & cute design featuring a girl bird yellow bow & a boy pig gold crown. I thought maybe some of you might could use them too.

Here are the hats. I printed them on 8.5" x 11" white card stock. I used the fast draft setting, so the image is light, but I save on ink. That stuff is too expensive!

yellow bow on red hat & gold crown on green hat

I also use packing tape on paper crafts that I want to last more than a day with our 2 rambunctious little girls! That is why they are shiny.

Quick view of the designs I came up with. Though I didn't see these anywhere, I wouldn't doubt that this style is made somewhere!

red party hat with yellow bow & green party hat with gold crown

Here are the full-size free printable angry birds style party hats that I created in Microsoft Paint. Print each out on 1 sheet of paper or card-stock for a standard sized party hat. OR print TWO per Page for a smaller "fascinator" style hat. SUPER CUTE! Cut out, roll into cone, glue or tape together at joint, hole punch for strings to tie or elastic thread, & Enjoy!

Red Party Hat with tilted yellow bow like Girl Angry Bird wears

Pintable Green Party hat with tilted gold crown like King Pig wears

So they were a big hit with the girls. Maybe we'll use this style, but I do have some other designs in mind to test. ;)

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